Mumbai Show 2016

Terms and Conditions

Organisers: Publishers of UpperCrust, India's food, wine and style magazine are the organisers of this event.

Exhibitor: A company, organisation or individual who books space at the exhibition is referred to as the exhibitor.

Eligibility: The organisers reserves the sole right to determine the eligibility of an applicant to participate in the exhibition as an exhibitor.

Participation: Application for participation should be submitted to the Event Manager along with a minimum of 50% payment of participation charges. In the event the Exhibitor cancels the stall booking, the advance payment made towards the same shall stand forfeited.

Payment Mode: The Exhibitor will make all payments by Demand Draft or Cheque payable in Mumbai favouring 'Oriana Communications Pvt. Ltd.'

Space allocation: The Organisers will allot the stalls on a 'first come - first served' basis and reserves the right to allocate to the exhibitor a location / space configuration other than the one originally allocated.

Additional charges: All entitlements for exhibitors availing shell stand facilities have been defined. Any additional items will be charged for in advance. Exhibitors availing bare space will only be given a chalk marked area and all electrical points, furniture, etc availed will be charged for separately.

Stand Possession: Exhibitors taking bare space may take possession of their area from ... from 10.00 a.m. and those taking shell stand space will be allotted their stands from ... from 2.00 p.m. onwards. Full and final payment of participation fees, security deposit and charges for other additional services by bankers draft or bankers cheque will be a pre-condition for handing over possession. Should the exhibitor not make full payment or not occupy space by the time limit specified for installation of exhibits, the organisers reserves the right to re-allocate or use the space as they deem appropriate.

Stand design and construction: All exhibits and display material must be contained within the allocated exhibit space by the exhibitor. Special structures must not interfere with the overall exhibition format or the visibility of other stands. The design of such structures or displays must be submitted for the approval of the organisers at least 30 days prior to the start of the exhibition. The organisers reserve the right to specify changes in the design and such changes shall be carried out by the exhibitor. Should changes requested by the organisers not be carried out, the requisite work shall be completed at the risk and expense of the exhibitor.

Stand Completion: All stand construction work should be completed by 7.00 a.m. on .... Exhibitors are not permitted to store their exhibit materials and empty cartons in non-allocated areas.

Damages: The exhibitor will take precautions not to damage the flooring, walls, lifts and all other stall structures during the stall decoration and shall ensure to adopt adequate safety measures in that regard. The exhibitor shall make good to the organisers all costs, damages and expenses resulting from fire or any other damage caused to the stall structure etc. due to the exhibitor's negligence.

Stall activities: The exhibitor shall ensure that all demonstrations, interviews, advertising, promotion and other sales / marketing activities are conducted within the stall. Audio visual displays may be conducted within the stalls at a low volume.

Inflammatory substances: The World Trade Centre strictly prohibits the use of inflammatory material at the Exhibition Centre. Food processing of any kind may only use electrical and microwave devices.

Material Handling: Exhibitors may avail the services of the material handling agency authorised by the organisers. No other agency will be allowed to operate at the venue.

Vacating of space: The exhibitor shall ensure that the stall is vacated within two hours of the close of the exhibition on the last day. The organisers will not in any way be responsible and / or liable for the general security after the close of the exhibition on the last day. In the event the exhibitor fails to vacate the premises within the time stipulated by the organisers, any additional charges by way of rentals charged by the venue will be charged to the exhibitor and payable by him.

Postponement / Cancellation of event: In the event the exhibition is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part due to reasons of war, fire, medical calamities, national emergency, labour unrest, non-availability of exhibition premises or any other cause, the organisers may, at its own discretion, refund in part the rental paid by the exhibitor after adjusting for the basic expenses incurred without any obligation to do so. The organisers will be under no liability for any actions, claims or losses that may be incurred by the exhibitor. Force Majeure clause will apply.

Violation of Rules: In the event of violation of any of the above rules, the organisers will have the right to close down the exhibitor's stall without any liability on the part of the organisers.

Disputes: Disputes, if any shall be settled by mutual arbitration. Failing a decision by arbitration, the courts of competent jurisdiction at Mumbai only shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in all disputes arising under this contract and their decision will be final and binding on all parties concerned

Sub-contract - The exhibitor shall not assign and / or part with any part of this contract to any other party without the prior consent of the organisers in writing. A stall area booked by one exhibitor cannot be sub-leased to another exhibitor without prior approval from the organisers.

Stand Cost

Stand rental tariffs

Shell stand scheme (furnished)
Rs. 10,000 per sqm
Bare Space (minimum 18 sq mtrs)
Rs. 9,500 per sqm
Premium for two/three side open stands
10‰ & 15‰ of space rental, respectively

SERVICE TAX as applicable

Special Advantage Offer

UpperCrust is India's finest food, wine and travel magazine. A pioneer in this genre, it is considered a bible by food lovers- both gourmet and gourmands. Its unique concept of synergising food, wine, people and travel is what contributes to its success. 200 pages of high gloss with well-researched articles accompanied by mouth-watering pictures makes it absolutely world class. Besides having an enviable subscriber base, UpperCrust is available pan-India and in capital cities of the world.

FULL PAGE (w x h)


22.1 x 28.1 cm


21.5 x 27.5 cm

Non Bleed

19.5 x 25.5 cm

HALF PAGE (Horizontal)

Print Area :

20 X 12.5 cm

HALF PAGE (Vertical)

Print Area

10 x 25.5 cm


Print Area

20 x 6 cm


Print Area

10 x 12.5 cm

Advertisement Rates

Option NO SizeSpecial Exhibitor Rates (Rs.)*Option No Size Special Exhibitor Rates (Rs.)* Regular Rates (Rs)*
1.Full Page (Colour)75,000/-1,50,000/-
2.Half Page (Colour)30,000/-80,000/-
3.Quarter Page(Colour)20,000/-40,000/-
* Special rates valid only for ... and ... issues. This offer cannot be clubbed with any other existing package the exhibitor may be availing of.


  • West (Including Mumbai) 29%
  • North (Including Delhi) 18%
  • South (Including Chennai & Bangalore) 20%
  • East (Including Calcutta) 5%
  • Middle East 2%
  • Corporate Sales (Airlines & Private Clubs) 8%
  • Subscriptions 18%
* Number of copies printed 95500

For advertising & marketing enquiries and other promotions:

Call: Rozina Gaziyani on 91 22 4004 7256, 98210 46822


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