The Uppercrust Food and Wine Show


When we put the first UpperCrust Show on the block in 2003, it was a path breaking move. But we knew that India was on the threshold of a culinary breakthrough, that soon the young and upwardly mobile would start to experiment with international cuisines. And we wanted to make available to them ingredients from around the world, right here in Bombay.

For 12 years, our Show has been responsible in helping the food industry to grow. Not only do we have end consumers – food lovers and high-end big spenders, thronging to our Show but also people from the industry; chefs, F&B executives, general managers, restaurateurs and hospitality big-wigs, as well as hospitality students.

Our participants come not only from all parts of India, but overseas as well. And if a product or brand is launched at the UpperCrust Show, it can well be on its way to success. Last year, we introduced three new concepts in the Gourmet Junction, Food Blogger's Bazaar and Health Corner for upcoming entrepreneurs in the food industry.

The UpperCrust Food Show has a national presence - in Bombay, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Poona. Delhi will be added to the list soon, so call for details.

And get set to take advantage of India’s first, finest, biggest and most awaited food and wine festival, a trade fair with a difference!